Last week we introduced you to three artists with different takes on folk and dream-pop. Today, we thought we’d treat you to a similar selection, but with a more energetic atmosphere and a sound that is influenced by new wave and post-rock genres. So without further ado – on to the first artist!

Unlike their name suggests, French Films is a Finnish band, and will be releasing their second album White Orchid in just a few weeks. Some of the bands that influence them: The Ramones, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Beach Boys. Latter Days, the first single taken from their upcoming album, is a prime example of how their sound is influenced by the aforementioned artists.

Next up is PVT, a three-piece band hailing from Sydney. Their latest record Homosapien is a perfect example of bridging the gap between indie rock and electro pop. Their singer’s distinctive vocals are backed by powerful drum sounds and high class synths. Their song Love & Defeat is an amalgamation of sophisticated arrangements and amazing harmonies that keep the listener entertained.

Lastly, Mt. Royal – a band that has as of yet has released only one track, but there’s a debut album in the works. Originating from Baltimore, the group riles their fans up and leaves them hungry for more with their song Missing Reward. Catchy vocal melodies and lavish walls of guitar are masterfully blended by experienced musicians – lean back and listen – the song speaks for itself.