Once again we have a fine selection of emotional tunes for you, ranging from tender folk ballads to epic dream pop anthems.

The duo Eva & Manu met at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Eva is a girl from Finland, Manu a boy from France, and when they met they realised that not only do they share a love for music but for each other as well. They also realised how much they missed Europe and decided to leave college and set out on a road trip across their beloved home continent. Wherever they stopped they found like-minded people to record music with, and so, after a year of travelling, they had a full-length album stored on their hard-drives. The album in question will be released internationally in May and Hold On, our free download, is taken from it.

From Finland let us head over to another Scandinavian country: Norway. Our second band Young Dreams resides there, but their debut album Between Places was released on the Australian record label Modular Records. Their music is a prog rock-influenced take on the dream pop of Cocteau Twins and other artists of the like we all so much love. That said, Young Dreams don’t tend to shy away from using electronic instruments either, and the track Footprints is a prime example of this audacious yet harmonious combination.

Many thousands of miles may lie between Australia and Great Britain, but as member states of the Commonwealth the two countries are tied nonetheless. Our last stop is therefore England, where singer-songwriter Golden Rabbit hails from. She was born in Loughborough, or – some might say – in the middle of nowhere, but now lives in London, where she produces infinitely sweet and tender folk ballads. This young unsigned artist treats us to her track I Saw Red, so tune and discover a truly individual artist for whom we predict a bright future.