“In Canada, the wilderness is out there – millions of square kilometers of it… It seduces you with beauty and calm – that’s the bait.”

Canadian writer Douglas Coupland cautions us to be wary of the magnetic draw of untouched wilderness – but we took the bait and drove right into the thick of it.

A long cruise on an endless midsummer’s day, through a dense forest of spruce and mighty maple trees, in a vehicle that can justly be described as the epitome of elegance, all the way to the twin cities in bordering countries and the majestic Niagara Falls – a worthy final stop to roll up to in this very exclusive ride.

Come along for the drive and watch the film above.

Download the film’s soundtrack by Young Galaxy here.

Produced by Christopher Kippenberger in association with Highsnobiety Pictures. For more information and pictures visit www.highsnobiety.com.

Fuel consumption (combined): 10,3-5,5 l/100km | CO2-emission (combined): 242-146 g/km*