Thanks to their intoxicating blend of acoustic folk, classic pop and alternative rock, Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites and Neyla Pekarek enjoy sell-out shows, guest stints on Conan O’Brien‘s US late night show and even gold disc recognition for their über-catchy single Ho Hey. Fresh from a triumphant US tour, The Lumineers now take a quick breather before they embark on a European tour, kicking off in early 2013. High time to throw a welcome spotlight on this charming trio from Denver, Colorado!

Although they have been playing together for more than seven years, success came more or less overnight to The Lumineers when they finally released their debut album. Their ultimate roots, however, reach back even further than this 7-year span. In 2002, the two male members of the band bonded over a tragic twist of fate: While Jeremiah lost his brother (aged 19) to an overdose, Wesley bemoaned the death of his best friend. Together, the bereaved duo decided to soothe their shared pain with music; Jeremiah writing evocative songs accompanied by Wesley on the guitar. Starting out with a few tentative backroom gigs in New York City, they soon recorded their own creations in an improvised studio. And when these tracks started to blossom and bloom, Fraites and Schultz moved to Denver and sent out word that they planned to expand the band. The first person to answer their ad was impassioned cellist Neyla Pekarek: a perfect fit – and The Lumineers were finally complete.

Now, each of the eleven songs on the trio’s album has its own story to tell. All of the titles are brimming with metaphors and images to draw us into their own rich realm … if we take the time to really listen and immerse ourselves in their narratives. Melodic to the core, these aural miniatures, like Stubborn Love, are truly anthemic and suffused with hooks, yet the unique interplay between guitar, piano, strings and drums turns each and every song into a polished jewel of its own.

To this end, the band’s self-titled debut album proffers a carefully culled selection and collection of all the members’ individual experiences. And in order to get their authentic sound just right, they took three years to capture its unique atmosphere in the studio. After all, The Lumineers do not want to pander to outside expectations by a label, the crowd or the rules of success.

So, even after the album’s resounding reception, nothing really changes for the trio. Well, with one notable exception: They can finally live of their music, turning full-time passion into full-time employment with plenty of gusto and boundless energy. With plenty more great tunes in the pipeline – and their fame preceding them wherever they go – they might have to get used to some heartfelt and well-deserved adulation. We certainly can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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