“Live, from LA!“ – or so Sage Vaughn launches into our interview the moment the camera is rolling. With his incomparable verve the successful artist, genuine entertainer and witty conversationalist made the video clip production of our latest feature – on the current Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape cover design Prime Choices – a true joy.

Joining the former Oregon resident in his LA studio, a disused car wash nesting between romantic suburban idyll and busy highway, we carefully pick our way between myriads of finished and unfinished works that litter his eclectic workspace. This is the hub of Vaughn’s life – a full-on artist buzzing and bubbling with so many ideas that there is simply no time to realise them all.

Reflecting this exuberant diversity and creativity, Vaughn’s studio houses plenty of hidden gems like a jury-rigged sound mixing station or DIY weaving constructions. The surrounding walls are covered in a wild array of seemingly random newspaper and magazine clippings that, at closer glance, reveal extremely thoughtful and elaborate collages, collated over years and assembled into carefully curated motifs.

But what prompts the son of a lawyer and psychologist to embark on an artistic career? How do these familiar choices influence or determine one’s own path? Not at all! At least according to Vaughn who pinpoints the origins of his artistic endeavours in his futile quest to become better at something different.

By now a renowned artist in his own right (and on the international art scene), Sage Vaughn creates striking works that are as inimitable and diverse as his avowed fans. Often populated with fragile creatures in flight, e. g. tender butterflies or wispy moths, the 36-year-old’s canvases might appear naïve or childlike at first glance. Nevertheless, there is always a strong vision behind each motif – and true to the painter’s unstoppable drive, he invariably favours the one he is currently working on.

After hearing plenty of stories about Vaughn’s family and his art collecting grandmother – his key supporter and source of inspiration – we finally get to meet the 83-year-old grande dame and immediately warm to her lively intellect and personality.

Blessed with an infectious sense of humour, plenty of self-assured charm and surprising expertise, she made our stop at LA’s foremost sushi joint a great night out. The spiritual connection between grandmother and grandson is palpable and made the “art talk with gran” a real experience for the entire team. For an audiovisual treat and more on the creative process behind the Mixed Tape Prime Choices cover, check out the film and image gallery above.

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