What is the one, ultimate challenge in life; the one we should tackle – and look forward to facing? Everyone tends to have a different goal and answer, but in SuperBlast’s case it was the decision to pursue an artistic career. And a successful one at that: Nowadays, Berlin’s poster child of the post-graffiti movement is well-known way beyond the limits of his native city and the global streetart scene, although he never lost his driving focus – adding beauty to the urban landscape. Internationally renowned and respected for his laid-back refinement and subtle references, SuperBlast’s large-scale works contain plenty of tongue-in-cheek details and thought-provoking visual citations. Whether huge mural, square canvas or bespoke conceptual commission – SuperBlast’s works establish seemingly effortless links between outside references, everyday life and his own heritage in a network charged with creative tension. Creating work that makes the cut is a challenge the artist loves to face anew every day – and one he continues to pass with flying colours. Yet despite the thoughtful execution, he invariably starts with a rough idea and fleeting scribble to serve as the blueprint and template for the resulting piece.

Here, on the canvas (or wall), geometric abstraction and religious symbolism is broken up by careful colour accents and eye-popping highlights. Lines cross the canvas, slashing back and forth, to fuse in a focused explosion of colour – until the initial steps, strokes and influences start to disappear under the artist’s thick layers. This intense concentration needs a creative outlet – and some external compensation. "When I’m not busy drawing or painting, I get caught up in my daily business. Playing with kids, taking pictures and stuff like that. I spend a lot of time simply thinking, especially when I’m running or cycling from A to B on my bike. Or I take a little trip through the history of time", SuperBlast explains. After all, he loves to soak up anything his environment has to offer. "I guess it is life itself that provides me with most of my inspiration." And the latter can take any shape or form: a visualisation, a text, a book, a concept … "We are surrounded by so many things – we only have to actually see them!" adds the artist.

Another key topic or quest is his intense and incessant search for truth. To SuperBlast, truth is what it is all about. Take his artwork for the current Mixed Tape cover Rising Stars, for example. Here, stylised rising stars vie for attention on his artistic, yet artificial canvas firmament, sparkling with enthusiasm and their unique qualities. Providing the eyes with a starting point in space and time, their rays also establish dynamics and communication with other "seekers" and "seers". Translating inner world to the "real" outside realm, SuperBlast has come up with the perfect backdrop for our current compilation’s theme.

So, if you would like to know how this multi-layered artwork came about, click on the video portrait above, filled with plenty of insights into the artist’s work, life and creative process. And don’t forget to check out the Rising Stars selection here or listen to the compilation’s stream on Spotify!

More information on the artist: www.superblast.de