Not only are Domestic Construction’s Maureen and Trish best friends, but they also share an apartment, profession and workaholic tendencies, often blurring the boundaries between studio space and private life. Well, with a workshop bursting at the seams with all things bright and beautiful – with treasures, fabrics, beads and creativity – we, too, might be tempted to spend most of our waking hours at the office!

Although ‘interior design’ broadly describes the duo’s work, this particular pair of straightforward crafters and lateral thinkers does not peddle fittings and furniture. Instead, Domestic Construction take over entire rooms to create veritable sculptures, reshaping the space around them with countless of handmade touches for an overall work of art. A clever concept that is welcomed by New York’s creative industry – and about to make waves beyond the city limits.

Although their first encounter dates back to studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), back then a joint business was far from the two women’s minds. While Maureen lost her heart to fashion and went on to design collections of her own, Trish found herself drawn to the smaller things in life – to jewellery, accessories and decorations, handcrafted in boutique editions. It took a year apart and a chance re-encounter in the Big Apple to bring the two together for good. Out of mutual sympathy and appreciation, Domestic Construction was born – and the two have been working together ever since, honing their skills as a seasoned team with a great complementary fit of individual skills and perspectives.

Now, four years after their joint venture’s inception, Domestic Construction realise a steady stream of innovative and popular projects from interiors to event productions and even eclectic product design.

So, friendship and inspiration have spawned a project that reflects the duo’s ingenious spark – and treats the international design scene to a craft-infused breath of fresh air.

Watch our video to explore the realm of Domestic Construction and find out more about the creative process behind the current Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape compilation cover “Cherry Chimes,” here we come!

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From the latest Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape compilation:
Doc Foster Band – “Some Folks“
Moon – “Up the Hill“
Axmusique – “Hard Line“