Gorgeous grooves, heavenly harmonies, plenty of sound surprises and now available for free download: our current compilation assembles the latest marvels from the world of music.

It seems only days since our winter release, but a new stunner is already in the pipeline. We had plenty of fun scouring the globe for these excellent artists, so please join us for a fantastic new batch of tracks and talents.

For a quick music fix, listen to our latest tracks here:

This time, a strong US contingent leads the way with a gloriously wild mix of sounds, putting Boston and its surroundings on the map with FINS’ blissed out chillwave cool and the shimmering surf pop seduction of local heroes Doctors and Lawyers.

Moving down the East Coast, New York State throws versatile pop wonder Jordan Bratton and his future R&B in the ring while Cult Fluorescent explores the minimalist sides of dream pop. Meanwhile, even further south, Stroik’s pure, pearlescent 1990s pop segues straight into Florida’s MSNRA who smooth and soothe the soul with their spot-on soul hop. Not to forget the irresistibly quirky old school piano track by Chicago’s Health&Beauty!

Across the ocean, Kenyan duo Adeiyu cook up a batch of electrifying electro pop while Spain’s eclectic Maybe Nots crank up the tension with powerful alternative riffs. And finally, there is the calm and collected, yet equally passionate electronica interlude courtesy of Leipzig’s Tomika.

To capture the essence of these budding artists and blossoming tracks, LA artist Dave Kinsey has adapted his signature style – think abstract geometry meets fine lines, coarse strokes and a mid-century colour palette that pits black and white against warm ochres, Prussian blue and a vibrant shade of red – to the Mixed Tape challenge and created a cover that combines prolific and organic growth with vibrant sketched speakers.

The entire package – music and artwork – is now available for free download here.

Once again, we can’t thank the involved artists enough. It’s a pleasure and privilege to work with such a talented crowd. Enjoy the indescribable thrill of new discoveries.